Art & Design

If you’re into art and design be sure to check out the works of Traffic Design.

You’ll find 100 murals, sculptures, signboards and other forms of artwork, hidden within the city centre. We’ll be happy to book you a private tour.


If architecture is your thing you need to explore the pearls of modernism in Gdynia.

The city is an exceptional urban complex, with its downtown entered to the register of monuments. If you’re interested, let us know.

Water sports

You don’t need to go to Hel (the Polish Peninsula) for your dose of water sports.

The nearby town of Rewa is a great place for kite and windsurfing. No matter if you’re a first timer or pro, we’ll have everything arranged.


Gdynia is a great place for foodies.

We know where to go for a stunning degustation menu or yummy snacks on budget. Tell us what you're into, and we'll book the best table.

Yoga & relaxation

Are you a yogi?

We’re happy to arrange private classes, as well as book you a spot in various group workouts. Need more relaxation? We can guide you to the best massages, sound baths, mindfulness classes, etc.

Boats & diving

Need extra sea time? We’ve got special offers on (motor) boat & jet ski rentals.

If you prefer to go underwater, we’ll be happy to put you in contact with scuba diving professionals. They are ready for everything, from teaching you the basics to wreck diving.

DIY workshops

On the outskirts of Gdynia you’ll find a vibrant cultural hub organizing interesting workshops.

During daily classes you can learn the basics of woodwork, sewing, upholstery, 3D or screen printing and many others. If you’re up for some D.I.Y workshops tell us straightaway.

Urban exploration

Discover all of Gdynia’s secrets.

Historical routes, forgotten bars, paranormal activity or abandoned cinemas – whatever the topic, we’ve got a special someone, who can help you discover all of Gdynia’s secrets, including urban explorations in far-away districts.